Numi Tea Organic Rooibos - Caffeine Free - 18 Bags

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Celebrating People, Planet and Pure Tea Herbal Teasan 100% Real Ingredients. Nothing Else. Earthy Vanilla South African Healer USDA Organic Non-GMO Biodegradable Tea Bags Premium Organic Teas and Herbs Real Fruits, Flowers and Spices No "Natural" Flavors or Fragrances Kosher Rooibos Also called red tea, rooibos is an herb indigenous to the Cederberg region of South Africa. It has a deep, earthy vanilla taste, is rich in antioxidants and known for its calming affects. From Numi's beginnings in 1999, we have worked with the same small-scale organic rooibos farmers. This long-standing partnership has brought economic benefits to this region of Africa. People We are artists, alchemists, world travelers, tea lovers and above all, a brother and sister. Our dedicated tea'm shares our mission of bringing you the best tasting organic tea, sourced directly from fair labor gardens because we believe all people should be paid a wage that allows their families to thrive. Ahmed and Reem Founders, Ahmed and Reem Rahim
  • Ingredients: 100% organic rooibos.
  • 95%+ Organic
  • GMO Free
  • GMO Free

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